August 4, 2020


There’s a few things I’m passionate about in life. A great craft beer, helping those in need (especially those that can’t help themselves), and saving the darn planet. The Beerded Lady is a culmination of those passions.

With craft brewing does come a bit of waste in the form of spent grain, packaging in the form of cardboard, paperboard, aluminum, and occasionally glass. The largest brewing waste material that is difficult and expensive to recycle is the polypropylene grain bags. Most breweries toss these in the trash.

The Beerded Lady takes consumers’ and breweries’ discarded items and stops them from becoming destined for the landfill. Brewers’ spent grain is turned into all-natural dog treats, aluminum cans upcycled into containers or jewelry, paperboard and bottle caps turned into art, and those dreadful polypropylene bags repurposed into new types of bags, including growler totes for schlepping home more craft beer!

The Beerded Lady donates 10% of all sales of Brew Bark to local animal shelters, and frequently donates treats and times to local rescue organizations.

If you have any materials such as cans, 6-pack carriers (plastic or cardboard), bottle caps, or any other beer related material you’d like to have me take off your hands, please contact me at!

If you don’t have local recycling in your area, or you have materials that are not recyclable in your area, please check out

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Thanks for being here and supporting small business!

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